Show Your Work by Austin Kleon— Book Review

This has been one of the best books I’ve read this year. As someone who is deeply interested in content creation and social media marketing at the moment, I can say this short read taught me a LOT. I loved how the book is to the point and engaging from the beginning to the end, and as an added bonus, the cute illustrations are helpful for keeping the core lessons of the book in mind.

Top lessons

1. Create a daily dispatch of what you’re working on, by sharing something small every day. People love to see the process and not just the final product.
2. It’s okay to be an amateur. Make it a habit to share your work with others (even if it’s not perfect).
3. Share your influences. People will find your content more trustworthy if they know you’ve seen and respected the other related content out there.
4. Hone your skill of telling good stories. Everyone has a story, but to stand out you need to learn how to make yours worth listening to.
5. Learn to take a punch. When you put your work out there, you can expect some criticism. Learn to ignore the trolls and only pay attention to feedback from people you care about.
6. Stick around. Don’t quit. The only people who fail at what they do are the ones who quit. There’s no “starting over”. Use the lessons from the end of one project to fire up the next one.

Overall, I really enjoyed this read! I’d recommend this book for anyone who’s interested in building an audience for their work.

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Uttara Shekar is an author, engineer, and tinkerer. She’s authored a book called “The Startup Leap: Finding Structure in the Chaotic Journey of Startup Building”. She writes for fun and codes for money. Follow her on her Instagram for more book summaries, general advice, and more — @uttarashekar



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